Rumbling fluids

Rumbling fluids

The compound fluid mixtures from rumbling machines are environmetally hazardous due the high contents of heavy metals from metal fines produced in the rumbling operation. The size of these particles is mostly less than 10µ, and some of them are of sub-micron size that are not possible to separate or filter by common practical methods.

The Vivex Decantor is designed for separation of particles of sizes down to 5µ at specific gravity of larger than 7800 kg/m3. The separation is carried out in multiples of separation chambers with lamella plates at periodically motionsless decantation of liquid in each lamella chamber.

In the Decantor system the process fluid is continuously purified from solid particles and tramp oil and recycled. The accumulation of fines in the sizes less than 5µ is treated with flocculent in by-pass.

The solid particles settled on the lamlla plates sink down to the bottom of the Decantor and are discharged by a scraper unit to a sludge dewatering unit. Process liquid drained fram the sludge is pumped back to the Decantor and recycled.

At a minimum liquid level in the Decantor system, the automatic fluid topping-up system will be activated and refill the fluid system to maintain a constant working liquid volume.