Stand alone units

Vivex coolant management systems for standalone machine are designed to deliver clean coolant for a wide range of industrial aplications.
The main benefit of our systems is increasing the coolant life cycle and as a consequence lowering the costs. Also our systems do not require consumable. The maintenance of our purification systems is lean. Almost all of our units are controlled using PLC and HMI with have built in diagnostic functions.

Team up with Vivex

If you are a machine tool builder, you can team up with Vivex in order to deliver the best coolant management system for your machine.
This will enhance the overall machine performance.

Check our products

Paper-free filter system for grinding machines: Pygmer (VXPY-A)
Mobile purification unit for grinding machine tools: Ponny (VXCF-M)
Lamella separators for efficient separation of solid particles and tramp oil: Penguin stationary (VXKN-A) and Mobile Penguin (VXKN-M)
Unit for purification of industrial washing fluids and cutting coolants: Dolphin (VXGR)
Mobile unit for cleaning of coolant tanks in machines tools: Donkey (VXDK-M)