Cutting coolant purification systems

Vivex Separation AB manufactures filters and purification systems for separation of metal chips, sludge and tramp oil from the coolant used in metal cutting operations.
Our systems can be used for purification of coolant emulsions, synthetic fluids or neat oils.

lathe cutting operation with coolant

Water based cutting coolants

Emulsions degrade over time due to contaminants from production operation.
A common type of degradation is caused by tramp oil, which is lubrication oil that seeps out from the machine tool slideways and hydraulic oil leakeges.
Tramp oil can cause many problems such as:
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Oil cutting coolants

Our systems for oil based cutting coolants are an excellent choice for removing metal chips or sludge from the oil.
Our systems don't require any consumables filtration adds like paper filters, cartridge filters or similar items, so you don’t need to worry about disposing issues.
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