Central coolant management systems

Central coolant filtration systems have many advantages over the standalone filters when there are several machine tools in the workshop that are using the same type of coolant. For instance it is easy to keep the same constant dilution rate for all the machine, because there is only a single mixer. Also it is easier and cheaper to control the temperature of the coolant  because there is no need to install a cooler unit for each machine. The central coolant management unit has its own cooler that is used to cool the coolant for all the machines.
Vivex manufactures filtration and purification systems for both metal cutting and for grinding processes. 
Features of our solutions: 
- no consumables, 
- lean maintenance, 
- smart control with PLC and touchscreen HMI, 
-24/7 remote internet monitoring and service.

Stay competitive!

Are you having problems with the coolant cost, disposal of paper filters or accumulation of tramp oil?
We can help you.Decrease the coolant related costs by using a Vivex central coolant management system.
No more paper filters, bad smell or other problems.
Just focus on production!

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